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If you are looking for an energy efficient roof system you are sure to find a system here that will fit your needs

Live Roof  
Go green with a living roof utilizing a state of the art pre-vegetated modular green roof system.  Live Roof Link

Roof Gardens 
This system is both functional and aesthetically- appealing.  This both improves the energy efficiency of the building and adds appealing plant lifeto an otherwise dull looking roof.  This especially appeals to those roof areas that are in an urban setting. Roof Garden Link

Thinking about going Solar? 
We can provide you with professional manufacturers design guidance
Flat_Roof_Solar_Pic  to determine the feasibility of your roof for receiving a solar installation. Solar Ready Roof 

Lower cost alternatives for a green roof:

We can utilize white membrane, which reflects the sunrays and keeps your building cooler on those hot summer days therefore reducing your air conditioning costs.   Energy Efficient Membranes

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