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This is the most common type of roofing in the residential roofing field.  There are many options to consider when choosing a product to install on your steep sloped roof.  The most common product is an asphalt/fiberglass shingle.  There are many different colors, styles and manufacturers to choose from.  Whatever style or color you choose we can provide a quality professional installation.   

Installation Procedure.

The first thing we do when starting any roof project is to protect the building from damage using tarps or plywood to make sure none of your property gets damaged during construction.

Next the existing roof is tore off and the decking is inspected to ensure a proper surface to accept the shingles.  We then install an appropriate drip edge, an ice & water barrier and felt paper.  The shingles are installed and any ventilation concerns are addressed.

This is an aspect of the job that we take pride in.  When the installation is complete we will leave your property as clean or in many cases cleaner than before we started.

Here are links to the manufacturers that we use.  

Metal Roofing

We can provide a metal roof for all budgets from a cover over using an exposed fastener to a high quality commercial look standing seam panel with a concealed fastener.

Check out these to manufacturers to find a metal product that is right for you.

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